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Holiday Workshops


All of the supplies you need to make your own holiday crafts in the safety of your own home. No need to visit several stores or hunt in the cold woods. Everything is all ready for you, in the exact quantities you need to complete the projects as shown.

A link to a video with instruction is included in each kit!

Contactless pick-up at Auburn High School on December 5th.  Additional details will be provided 1-week prior to delivery. 


Decorate a Pre-Made Balsam Wreath Kit 

This is the best choice if you have never made a wreath before.  Includes with a 22 inch diameter fragrant, balsam wreath to which you will add yellow-coned incense cedar, blue-berried juniper, and white pine boughs. Embellish it with white branches, wild-collected red berries, pinecones, pods, dried statice, and a red, velvet bow.


Make a Wreath from Branches and Berries Kit  

This choice is perfect for those who have made a wreath from scratch in the past.  It comes with a generous armful  (4 pounds or more!) of fragrant balsam, incense cedar, juniper, and white pine boughs, a 12 inch double-ring wreath frame, a roll of spool wire, frosted white branches, wild-collected red berries, cones, pods and a red, velvet bow.

branches 2.jpg

Branches and Berries Porch Pot Kit  

The kit includes a  pot filled with compost, a 5 pound mixture of evergreen boughs including fragrant balsam, white pine, yellow-coned incense cedar, and blue-berried juniper. Includes red branches for accent, as well as pods and pinecones on tall sticks, as well as wild-collected red berries.


Red Candle Centerpiece Kit

This symmetric, holiday craft is really easy, even if you are craft challenged. Basically, you just keep adding 6” pieces of fragrant balsam, yellow-coned cedar, blue-berried juniper, and white pine until the green foam is covered. Embellish it with ribbons, white branches, pinecones, and wild-collected red berries.

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